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Pasta is a very versatile food that can be accompanied or prepared in a thousand ways. With meat, fish, vegetables, in a salad, etc., the list can be made, almost, endless. Hot or cold, baked or cooked, with a thick sauce or only with olive oil, pasta is the favorite dish of all. Pasta is a food prepared with dough based on wheat flour and water, which are often added salt and sometimes egg. This food should be boiled in boiling water to be consumed. The pasta provides enough calories, with 370 kcal per 100 g. The main nutritional contributions are carbohydrates, but also deliver proteins and a low content of fats and minerals.

Colored pasta also contains vitamins of group B, since in their elaboration they have included vegetables like spinach, tomato or carrot.
br/> Here are some lists of restaurants which offer takeaway pasta:

Pasta Italia Cucina:
The Pasta Italia is known for the best pizza and pasta in Australia. The pizza extends far beyond the box and is often ordered for two people with differently occupied halves, and the pasta? That is easy to fall in love. There are also many other timeless classics of Italian cuisine, such as antipasti, salads, heavenly dolci, as well as a weekly menu with seasonal delicacies and various pasta recipes. They offer daily-made pasta, pizza, and various delicious dishes, fish of the best quality and other specialties of the Italian cuisine.

Just Pasta Australia:
In Just Pasta Australia, you feel like in a typical Italian restaurant. Here people - families, friends, couples, young and old - come together to eat well. It is a bit noisy, lively and above all floats the delicious scent of genuine Italian cuisine. They also offer to take away services. At this restaurant, all the dishes are freshly prepared in their own kitchen. The guest experiences live, which means passionate cooking in Italian. The ingredients come from Italy, pizza, pasta, smell, and taste. After all, they offer regular portions at a fair price. Enjoy their traditional Italian specialties. Delicious, authentic antipasti, exquisite soups, and impressive main dishes await you!

Enzo’s Cucina Chipping Norton:
Enzo’s Cucina Chipping Norton has over 19 years of experience in this industry. You do not require to traveling far to Italy to have a traditional and authentic Italian food. Enzo’s has a wide experience in making delicious food. They have something to keep every member of the family happy.

La Tratt:
La Tratt is a multi-award-winning and elegant fine dining restaurants which offer takeaway pasta casula. Their all the cuisine are inspired by the Silver Spoon Cookbook. They always use finest sourced ingredients. They also offer award-winning fine wine lists that ensure the perfect match for your favorite dish.

The Italian recipes are a reflection of the regional diversity and gastronomic culture of Italy, as well as of its long history. The ingredients that are used are included within the popular Mediterranean diet, which makes the Italian dishes are imitated around the world, mainly for their unique flavors.